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Are You Ready For Your Very Own, Fool-Proof 

Horse Racing Portfolio That Instantly Removes

All The Hard Work, Time And Uncertainty From

Your Wagers, And Delivers A Generous, Regular

Betting Income Straight To Your Bank Account?


Discover the simple, quick and risk averse way to instantly turn

you from Hopeless Gambler into Professional Horse Racing Investor!




Dear Aspiring Punter,



Are you sick of the betting products that promise big odds winners and huge payouts, only to find you can’t get on at the same odds, have to endure weeks without a single win, and wake up one morning to find your bookmaker account restricted?


Well today I have something completely different for you, a unique opportunity that will allow you to:


Win HALF your bets


Dramatically reduce your risk


Eradicate bookie restriction issues


Create a consistent betting income


I truly believe what I’m going to share with you today has the potential to change your life for the better. Are you:


Unsure how to find winning bets?


Restricted at the Bookmaker, and can’t get your bets on?


Simply sick of bogus systems and useless tipsters?


If any of these apply to you, you’re definately in the right place. Let me show you how I overcame these common pitfalls and found the path to betting success, substantial profit and financial freedom.


After many years of stumbling around in the dark, I finally found a unique approach that allows me to:


Work from home


Answer only to myself


Earn a great living


Teach others how to profit


But It wasn’t always like this. In the early years, much like any aspiring punter, I suffered blow after blow of crushing disappointment.


My inexperience, lack of discipline, and the love of the gamble landed me seriously out of pocket…oh, and add to that list the heap of rubbish I found online from so called experts


But, eventually I learned several important lessons from the betting school of hard-knocks:


How to become a real expert – I decided to focus my efforts solely on Horse Racing, where I had started and where my passion was, the Sport of Kings. I learned as much as I could, cramming my mind with the ins and outs of the sport.


How to be organised –
This involved learning about statistics and finance;
setting a bankroll, sticking to a staking plan and keeping meticulous records of all bets.


The psychology of betting – I learned how to detach emotionally from short term losses, and treat betting as a form of investment, rather than the ‘get rich quick’ approach most punters look for.


In short, I took my knowledge of how to lose, and turned it my advantage by doing the opposite. These expensive but extremely valuable lessons allowed me to, over time, start producing a profit. And, if I do say so myself, I got pretty good at it!


I had finally made the transformation from Hopeless Gambler into Betting Investor


Once my betting strategies had an excellent track record, I decided to start sharing what I’d learned with others, and in 2011 Lucrative Racing Trust
was born.


These were the golden days, with a steady flow of cash going from the bookie straight into members pockets. However, I still had one final blow to come, and it shocked me to say the least…


The Dreaded Bookmaker Restrictions


It started with a couple of online bookies reducing the size of bets I was allowed to place, and before long several of my accounts were restricted to the point where I couldn’t get more than a few pounds on! If you’ve been betting for a while, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.


Today, the standard practise for online bookmakers is to remove concessions, restrict and sometimes even close accounts that are profiting consistently.
Panic started to set in – If I could no longer rely on getting bets on, how was I supposed to turn a profit? I was also concerned about my members; how long would it be before they started experiencing the same problems?


After searching long and hard for a solution, there was only one which I deemed good enough to ensure a future income for both myself and members.


Focus on profiting on the Betting Exchange


This was my best option, but there were still issues. The main one was the limited money available to bet early in the day, since I was used to betting early to get the most value. Ideally, my strategies needed to produce bets that could be placed by a larger number of people…


where everyone can get on at the same odds…


where people can bet as big as they like…


where bets can be placed at any time of day…


In short, I needed a way to profit at Betfair Start Price


A strategy that can produce a substantial profit at Betfair SP would stand head and shoulders above the rest, and this was my new aim.


Finding ways to profit at Betfair SP took me into unchartered territory. I learned about financial markets, particularly useful for predicting betting exchange movements. I also studied perception; the opinions of the crowd, and social influences, all of which affect the prices available on the exchange.


My research found that Betfair SP was far from infallible, and turning a substantial profit was indeed possible.


As you can imagine, none of this was easy, but suffice it to say that all that time and hard work finally paid off. By 2013, I’d created several effective techniques for turning a Betfair start price profit, and starting providing the resulting bets through Lucrative Racing Trust.


Based on these unique techniques, both myself and Lucrative Racing Trust members have managed to turn a substantial profit year on year. I continue to create, develop and fine tune my methods ongoing, to ensure we’re always ahead of the market and keep a significant edge.


I’ll stop there for a second, and apologise for giving you my life story!


I think it’s important you know a little more about my background – I believe that in order to trust someone and the service they provide, it’s useful to know where they came from and their reasons for doing what they do.


I hope you’re able see through these words, feel the passion I have for the sport, and for the service I aim to provide –


helping people to find a substantial betting income, and become more financially independent.


Let me now share with you three of my favourite betting strategies, those which have returned the greatest profit so far in 2016:


Wealthy Wins


The first is a straight win strategy that initially focuses on the top performing trainer and jockey combinations at specific courses. A second stage of perception and market analysis is then applied, to give a conservative number of qualifying bets that produce an extensive return on investment at Betfair start price.

Wealthy Wins results graph

£500 bankroll increased to £1,801.16

Bankroll growth: 260.23% 

download compound stake results


Level stake profit: 142.65 points

Return on money staked: 67.29%

download level stake results


Place Perfect


I’ve been using place market to profit for almost 5 years, and have developed the underlying strategy over time to focus on specific race types, class moves and analysis of place performance. The addition of perception and market analysis has produced impressive results, generating a strike rate of 57.59% and increasing the average Betfair SP to 2.43.

Place Perfect results graph

£500 bankroll increased to £1,637.75

Bankroll growth: 227.55% 

download compound stake results


Level stake profit: 124.82

Return on money staked: 32.68%

download level stake results


Liberal Lays


I’ve managed to tap into the lay side of the market to great effect, developing a strategy that focuses on specific odds ranges, race type and trainers. Further analysis has provided us with a profound Betfair SP profit, alongside an ultra-high strike rate of 73.08%.


£500 bankroll increased to £1,991.52

Bankroll growth: 298.30% 

download compound stake results


Level stake profit: 141.18

Return on money staked: 25.86%

download level stake results


As shown above, even starting with a small bankroll gives a substantial profit. However, I’m now going to let you in on the real secret –

The profit levels shown above are just the tip of the iceberg


This is where everything I’ve worked on over the years is finally brought together and takes shape. By combining the top performing strategies in my betting arsenal, I’ve been able to create a unique Betting Portfolio, which put everything I’d used previously to shame. Let me show you exactly what I mean…


The LRT Portfolio


The most powerful approach to betting I’ve found to date, providing all qualifying bets from my top three performing strategies in a single betting service. This gives you the ability to combine all three strategies, and lets you:


Massively Accelerate Bankroll Growth


Spread and Significantly Reduce Risk


Increase Consistency and Stem Losses


Create a Reliable Betting Income


Take a look at the what’s possible using the power of the LRT Portfolio:

LRT Portfolio results graph 





Strike Rate


Bankroll Growth


Profit from £500 bank


download compound stake results


Level stake profit


Average per month


Profit at £50 / point


Average per month


download level stake results



I hope you’re able to see how the Portfolio enables us to build a small bankroll incredibly quickly, which makes waiting ages before producing a substantial profit a thing of the past.


My recommended approach is to to firstly grow our bankroll enough so we’re happy with the average profit, and still comfortable enough with the staking size, then start withdrawing our profit periodically – our betting income.


Of course, it’s completely up to you – feel free to start taking a pay-check
straight away
. If you able to commit a larger bankroll to this, your income from the outset should be more than adequate.


A Happy Bunch Of Members and Reviewers


Here’s what just a few of my members have said about the service so far:


Joined this about a month ago and £400 up so far. Good value for money as getting tips from 3 betting systems for one price. Recommended!

Gareth P, Lincolnshire

After being with the service for nearly a year, I think I can safely say this is a diamond in the rough. My betting bank has grown more than anything else I’ve used before, and all at the exchange SP which i’ve found much easier than having to shop around at the bookies.

Christopher L, Nottingham

Last year I got properly gubbed after using matched betting to build my bank. I’d tried exchange betting before but with no luck, and was ready to call it a day. I decided to give Michael’s service a shot, and am really pleased I did! I’m making a steady profit and treated the missus to a holiday just last month with the winnings. Ta very much – I think I owe you a drink! 

Doug C, Cumbria

Hi Michael, great results today! The 2 place bets and 2 lays all came in! Loving the trial so far and will definately be continuing afterwards, hoping to keep up the results in the future.

Graham L, Isle of Wight

Lucrative Racing Trust has also been approved by a wide range of independent review companies and websites over the years, including but not limited to:


More Money Review


Lay Back and Get Rich

Best Betting System Reviews

Tipsters Review

Betting Systems Exposed

Punters Verdict

What Really Wins Money


With an array of positive independent reviews, alongside a solid base of satisfied members, you can rest assured that you’re going to love the LRT Portfolio.


No Experience Necessary


This is an incredibly easy service to use – all you need is an internet connection. All qualifying bets are provided, so for you it’s simply a case of placing your bets, and watching your money grow!


There’s also minimal time required to make this work. We average just 2 – 3 bets per day, which are posted in the members are of our website by 9am at the latest. Once you’ve got the hang of it, each days bets can be placed in as little as 30 seconds!


Our membership software works on any desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, meaning it’s easy enough to access your bets on the go. This feature is really useful for the majority of us, who work morning and lunchtime hours.


Customise Your Portfolio


Your betting portfolio includes win, place and lay bets, meaning there are several options for customisation.


If you don’t like certain types of bet, that’s absolutely fine. For example, if you’re not a fan of lay betting, simply concentrate on the win and place strategies.


You can even just use one strategy, if you prefer. Although your profit levels will be lower than using the full portfolio, you’ll still see a substantial profit, as the results history shows.


If you prefer placing your bets with the bookmaker, and haven’t been restricted, no problem. All of our win bets can be placed at the bookie, and certain firms even offer place only betting. However, for laying you’ll need to use one of the betting exchanges.


Everything Has It’s Limits


As with anything in life, there are one or two limitations to what I have on offer today:


Firstly, this is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. This is an opportunity to turn your betting into a high yield investment, and that requires a little patience and common sense.


So if you want to earn thousands of pounds every week, or never lose a single bet, then I’m sorry to say this won’t be for you. However, if you looking for a substantial, reliable, and long term betting income, you’re in the right place!


Secondly, there are limited member spaces available. Although the effect on the market is less of an issue at Betfair SP, a sufficient number of people all placing the same bets can still have an effect. Sorry to be blunt, but I simply can’t allow that to happen.


I also pride myself on providing excellent customer service, and this means giving time to each member who requires my support. Needless to say, there’s only so much time in the day to answer emails.


Ok, You’ve Convinced Me Michael…I Want In!


If you’ve stuck with me up to this point, I have a real treat in store for you…an offer you simply can’t refuse, that’s how good I think it is!


Bust first, just think about how much all this is worth to you:


An Easy and Reliable Betting Income


Being able to confidently say what others can’t –

‘My Betting Makes Me Money!’


Finally putting to rest Money Worries


Being able to Treat Yourself and your Loved Ones


These things are worth a great deal to me, and I’m sure they are to you too.


Saying that, I really want to make sure you’re able to test this out for yourself, which is why I’ve decided to make this Ultra-Affordable for you…




I’m even willing to guarantee

your satisfaction for a full 60

days, that’s how confident I am

that you’ll love this service.


If you act now, I can give you –


14 Days Full Access: £2.49 + vat


That’s right, for as little as £2.49 you can test drive your very own, ready-made betting portfolio for a full 14 days.


After your trial, and only if you’re 100% happy with the service at that point, will you be charged the full membership price. If not, simply let me know – I’ll cancel your membership, and you won’t be charged.



Discount Membership


£2.49 + vat for 14 days, followed by £249 + vat for one year

No Subscription


Monthly Membership

£3.99 + vat for 14 days, followed by £39 + vat per month


I truly believe this is the most valuable betting tool I’ve ever made available, and if you act now you can have full access for just £2.49…less than a pint at your local pub!


That’s less than a pint in exchange for the culmination of my life’s work so far…


My three most profitable betting strategies to date…


In a Simple, Quick and Easy to use service…


Providing a range of Profitable Win, Place, and Lay bets…


Giving you a Substantial, Consistent and Sustainable Betting Income.


In parting, I’d again like to earnestly thank you for taking the time out your busy day to read all about my unique portfolio service. Whether or not you choose to take me up on my offer, I wish you the best of luck with your future betting, and likewise in life.



Michael J Carr


Lucrative Racing Trust


PS. I’ve only put my portfolio service on offer twice in the past, and both times the available spaces were snatched up extremely quickly. On one of those occasions, I was even forced to shut the doors the VERY SAME DAY.



PPS. The amount of interest and emails I’ve received about my betting strategies over the past week has been HUGE. I cant give you the exact numbers, but certainly over 30,000 people have just been made aware that this service exists. If just 1% of those people choose to sign up, i’ll have reached my member limit and up goes the ‘sold out’ sign.



PPPS. We’re talking about a minuscule £2.49 for 14 days full access, and with my 100% money back guarantee there’s ABSOLUTELY NO RISK. You’re even free to paper trade until you feel comfortable placing real bets, if you prefer.




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